Aims of Education

Aims of Education in Mechanical Engineering Program

Aims of Education in Mechanical Engineering Program:

Our aims; which reflect long term objectives of our program, include career goals and professional expectations of our graduates in near future. 

Aims of education were formed according to our general objectives with the help of inner and outer partners during European Quality Awards preperations at our faculty in 1998-2000 for the first time.

These aims were revised regarding to our department's MÜDEK evaluations and our graduates' career points in 3-5 years. In this point of view, our department's aims are listed below: 

Marmara University Graduates of Mechanical Engineering Department ;

•  Can pursue a career in R&D, product development, education, project development and management.
•  Can be a part of inter-disciplinary teams in the enterprises.
•  Can pursue a career in abroad.

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