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Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory

1.  Lab Members:

Dr. Hasan KÖTEN              hasan.koten@marmara.edu.tr

Res. Assist. Kerim Özbeyaz kerim.ozbeyaz@marmara.edu.tr


2.  Equipment in the Lab.

  • 56 KW AC dynamometer (1)
  • 120 NM torque meter (1)
  • 7 channel data unite (1)
  • Test automation software (1)
  • Desktop PC (1)
  • Cooling system for engine 10m3/h (1)

3. Linked Courses:

ME483 Internal Combustion Engine 1

ME484 Internal Combustion Engine 2

4. Lab Scope

The objective of Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory is to contribute BSc, MSc and PhD studies and to teach fundamentals of internal combustion engines. Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory has 56KW AC dynamometer, indicating measurement systems, SI and CI engines and control systems.  In this direction, Internal Combustion Engine Laboratory performs a service to industry to measure engine emissions and combustion performance.

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